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Making sense of the world wide web for your local life

The Network aspires to improve the way Canada does business through offering an effective way for businesses and organizations to reach their audience, and a way of drawing the citizens of Canada together.

Core Values

The Network is a quickly expanding web of interconnected local sites that brings together the best local and topic-specific content on the internet.

Each CitySite in the Network is dedicated to providing finest community focused content. Through our network of local CitySites, you can instantly gain access to local attractions, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, accommodations, businesses, coupons and community events.

Our network of CitySites have been designed to work from the local out to the global. This approach has been taken understanding that most of us do not live worldwide lives but local lives. Our local lives require easy to find information that is relevant to the community in which we live. Each CitySite in the Network looks at the world from the community out; a stance that is opposite to most of the Internet’s information resources.

Competitive Difference

The Network is a proud member of the communities of Canada. By being directly involved in the communities that we support, the Network is able to be more responsive to the needs of each unique locality. Unlike major search engines and directories that are operated by a remote head office, the Network looks to involve members of each of the communities that we represent.

Through community involvement, will provide the most comprehensive and accurate information resource for Canada.

The Network exists to work with the communities we represent to promote all it has to offer not only to its members but to the world.

Market Comparison

See for yourself; type “Restaurants Barrie” into the search bar at or You will be faced with hundreds of thousands of search results. Now you are faced with determining which of the results are relevant and which are not. With sites like Google or Yahoo you are faced with many results which are not for restaurants and many results which are not even for Barrie or area. Now type “Restaurants” into the search bar at our Barrie site ( What you quickly get are listings for restaurants in Barrie. This is but one of the many ways users of the Network are quickly and intuitively directed to the information they seek.

Strong Affiliation

The Network is expanding across Canada to connect people, businesses, and communities. making sense of the world wide web for your local life.

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